January 28, 2023

North American Allowance Results April 23

KEE, 7TH, ALW, $124,475, 4YO/UP, F/M, 1 1/16MT, 4-23.
8—MARKET RUMOR, m, 5, Afleet Alex–Taylor Street, by Street Sense. O-Bloch, Randall L and Six Column Stables, LLC, et al, B-Randy Bloch, et al (KY), T-Ian R. Wilkes, J-Chris Landeros, $75,563.
5—Gam’s Mission, f, 4, Noble Mission (GB)–Auntie Martha, by War Pass. O-Lazy F Ranch (Corbett), B-Lazy F Ranch (KY), $24,375.
1A— Keeper of Time (IRE), f, 4, Mehmas (IRE)–Motheeba, by Mustanfar. O-Bradley Thoroughbreds, Finder, Gary, Cambron, Tim, and Cambron, Anna, B-D. & E. Phelan (IRE), $7,312.
Winning Time: 1:42 4/5 (fm)
KEE, 10TH, AOC, $109,450, 3YO, 7F, 4-23.
2—CONDEMN, c, 3, Medaglia d’Oro–Sentence, by Blame. O-Claiborne Farm and Dilschneider, Adele B, B-Claiborne Farm & Adele B Dilschneider (KY), T-Thomas Drury, Jr., J-John R. Velazquez, $65,643.
3—Unikee, c, 3, Unified–Yankee Union, by Yankee Gentleman. ($50,000 2021 OBSSUM). O-My Purple Haze Stables, B-Brereton C Jones (KY), $21,175.
9—B Sudd, c, 3, Jimmy Creed–Five Funs, by Empire Maker. O-Offshoot Farm, LLC, B-Offshoot Farm LLC (KY), $10,587.
Winning Time: 1:23 4/5 (ft)
OP, 10TH, AOC, $107,000, 4YO/UP, 1 1/16M, 4-23.
3—EASTSIDE COOL, g, 4, Frosted–Fifth and Madison, by Street Sense. O-Clark O Brewster, B-Columbine Stable, LLC (KY), T-Steven M. Asmussen, J-Joel Rosario, $64,200.
4—Calibrate, g, 4, Distorted Humor–Glamour and Style, by Dynaformer. ($340,000 ’19 KEESEP). O-Josh Engel, B-Don Alberto Corporation (KY), $21,400.
9—Go West, c, 4, Street Sense–Sushi Empire, by Empire Maker. ($300,000 ’19 KEESEP). O-Collinsworth Thoroughbred Racing LLC, B-Bonne Chance Farm, LLC (KY), $10,700.
Winning Time: 1:44 2/5 (ft)
OP, 12TH, AOC, $106,000, 3YO/UP, 6F, 4-23.
11—YOU VEE CEE, g, 4, Hightail–Taylor’s Moonbeam, by Hesabull. O-Jerry Caroom, B-Bobby Lee Hall (AR), T-Carl J. Deville, J-Florent Geroux, $63,600.
10—J. E.’s Handmedown, g, 8, Storm and a Half–Pennywit, by Strong Hope. O-Steven M Asmussen, B-David Whited (AR), $21,200.
7—Lochmoor, g, 3, Laurie’s Rocket–Copperelle, by Elusive Quality. O-William Kennedy, Jr, B-Bill McDowell (AR), $10,600.
Winning Time: 1:10 2/5 (ft)
KEE, 5TH, ALW, $103,180, 4YO/UP, F/M, 1MT, 4-23.
5—NEVISIAN SUNRISE, f, 4, War Front–My Miss Sophia, by Unbridled’s Song. O-Alpha Delta Stables, LLC, B-Alpha Delta Stables, LLC (KY), T-Chad C. Brown, J-Irad Ortiz, Jr., $64,790.
3—Seasons, f, 4, Tapit–Winter Memories, by El Prado (IRE). O-LNJ Foxwoods and Phillips Racing Partnership, B-Phillips Racing Partnership (KY), $20,900.
9—Ensemble (IRE), f, 4, Nayef–Alqubbah (IRE), by Arcano (IRE). (62,000gns ’19 TATOCT). O-Clipper Logistics, B-Mrs T Mahon (IRE), $6,270.
Winning Time: 1:34 4/5 (fm)
AQU, 4TH, AOC, $74,000, 3YO/UP, F/M, 6F, 4-23.
7—SNICKET, m, 5, Lemon Drop Kid–Ever So Pretty, by Stormy Atlantic. ($400,000 2019 OBSMAR). O-Highland Yard LLC, B-Stonewall Farm (NY), T-David P. Duggan, J-Trevor McCarthy, $40,700.
3—Letmetakethiscall, m, 7, Take Charge Indy–Spring Elusion, by Elusive Quality. ($75,000 ’16 FTNAUG; $65,000 2017 OBSJUN). O-Levy, Mathew and Greenvald, Kenneth, B-Danzel Brendemuehl & Sandra Lombardo (NY), $14,800.
1—Chasing Cara, f, 4, Broken Vow–Wicked Beauty, by Vindication. O-Richard Greeley, B-Richard Greeley (NY), $8,880.
Winning Time: 1:12 3/5 (ft)
AQU, 3RD, AOC, $74,000, 3YO/UP, F/M, 1MT, 4-23.
1—SHE’S THE ONE, f, 4, Macho Uno–Je T’aime, by Gold Token. O-Merrylegs Farm, B-Merrylegs Farm North LLC (NY), T-Christophe Clement, J-Trevor McCarthy, $40,700.
3—Cara’s Dreamer, f, 4, The Factor–Dreaming of Cara, by North Light (IRE). O-Richard Greeley, B-Richard Greeley (NY), $14,800.
8—Barkin, m, 5, Animal Kingdom–St. Malo’s Gate, by Dynaformer. O-Willow Pond Stable, B-Willow Pond LLC (NY), $8,880.
Winning Time: 1:38 (fm)
AQU, 5TH, ALW, $72,000, 3YO/UP, 6FT, 4-23.
6—SURPRISE BOSS, c, 3, War Dancer–Chimichurri, by Elusive Quality. ($7,000 ’20 KEESEP; $37,000 2021 OBSMAR). O-Richie’s World Stables LLC, B-Blue Chip Bloodstock, Inc & War Dancer LLC (NY), T-Juan C. Vazquez, J-Kendrick Carmouche, $39,600.
1 (DH) —Deep Cover, g, 4, Mission Impazible–Kettle’s Sister, by More Than Ready. ($100,000 2020 OBSMAR). O-MyRacehorse, B-Sequel Thoroughbreds & Twin Creeks Farm (NY), $11,520.
5 (DH) —Volkert, g, 4, Bayern–Race Rocks (IRE), by Rock of Gibraltar (IRE). ($72,000 ’19 FTNAUG; $90,000 2020 OBSMAR). O-Windylea Farm, LLC, B-St Elias Stable, LLC (NY), $11,520.
Winning Time: 1:09 2/5 (fm)
WO, 7TH, AOC, $63,768, 3YO/UP, F/M, 5F, 4-23.
5—DIRTY DANGLE, f, 4, Not This Time–Chambray, by Alphabet Soup. ($8,000 ’19 KEESEP; $25,000 2020 OBSMAR). O-Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners and Barber, Gary, B-Nancy Shuford (KY), T-Mark E. Casse, J-Rafael Manuel Hernandez, $34,224.
4—Millennium Force, m, 5, Declaration of War–Sister Kate, by Benchmark. ($15,000 ’18 FTKOCT). O-TEC Racing (Elliott S Logan), B-Huntington Stud Farm Corp (ON), $13,689.
1—Spanish Ballerina, m, 6, Victor’s Cry–Spanish Decree, by War Deputy. O-Ruvee Stables, B-Frank Huarte (ON), $9,407.
Winning Time: :57 1/5 (ft)
SRP, 8TH, ALW, $57,673, 3YO/UP, 6 1/2F, 4-23.
5—NO PASA NADA, g, 6, Attila’s Storm–Charlotte’s Drone, by B. G.’s Drone. O-Christopher Nathaniel Roybal, B-Robert Driggers & Del Rae Driggers (NM), T-Aurelio P. Valdez, J-Alejandro Medellin, $35,400.
6—Diabolical Ruler, g, 6, Diabolical–West Ruler, by Tribal Rule. O-Alfred Alvarado, B-J Kirk Robison & Judy Robison (NM), $11,800.
4—On a Warpath, g, 5, Indian Firewater–New Gold, by Attila’s Storm. O-Amanda Sweeten, B-Michael C Stinson (NM), $5,900.
Winning Time: 1:19 2/5 (ft)
WO, 8TH, ALW, $54,693, 3YO/UP, F/M, 6 1/2F, 4-23.
1—JOIN THE DANCE, f, 3, Shackleford–Moondancer, by Cuvee. ($7,500 ’20 KEESEP; $70,000 2021 OBSSUM). O-D J Stable LLC, B-Mike Freeny & Pat Freeny (KY), T-Mark E. Casse, J-Emma-Jayne Wilson, $31,863.
4—Hai Bobbi, m, 5, Shanghai Bobby–Fast Resource, by Bob and John. ($95,000 ’18 FTKJUL). O-The B King Racing Ltd, B-Peter A Berglar Racing Interests, LLC (KY), $10,621.
5—Luz de La Luna, f, 3, Uncaptured–Woven Lady, by Hard Spun. O-Vidal Squires, B-Rowling Oaks Farm (FL), $5,842.
Winning Time: 1:17 3/5 (ft)
LRL, 3RD, ALW, $54,600, 3YO/UP, 5 1/2FT, 4-23.
10—UNCAPTURED SPIRIT, c, 3, Uncaptured–Spirited Storm, by Stormy Atlantic. O-Tag Stables LLC, B-TAG Stables (FL), T-Mark Shuman, J-Angel Suarez, $31,680.
1—Hard to Be Humble, g, 5, Hard Spun–Epitome of a Lady, by Poteen. ($95,000 ’18 KEESEP; $8,000 2020 FTMWIN). O-Larry E Rabold, B-Nicholas M Lotz (KY), $10,560.
11—Wow Whata Summer, g, 3, Summer Front–Loan Guarantee, by Malibu Moon. O-Jeremy Brooks, B-Jeremy Brooks (KY), $5,280.
Winning Time: 1:03 1/5 (fm)
GP, 9TH, AOC, $44,700, 3YO/UP, A1MT, 4-23.
6—RISK MANAGER, c, 4, Lookin At Lucky–Katura, by Kitten’s Joy. O-St George Stable LLC, B-Kenneth L Ramsey & Sarah K Ramsey (KY), T-Fausto Gutierrez, J-Jose E. Morelos, $26,400.
5—Public Information, c, 4, Into Mischief–Ruby Lips, by Hard Spun. O-Paradise Farms Corp, B-Town & Country Horse Farms, LLC & Pollock Farms (KY), $8,360.
3—Dominate Themoment, g, 5, Street Boss–Miss Loretta Lynn, by Mineshaft. O-PVC Stables LLC and Allen Iwinski LLC, B-Four Horsemen’s Ranch (FL), $4,660.
Winning Time: 1:34 3/5 (fm)
WO, 1ST, OCL, $44,314, 3YO/UP, F/M, 6F, 4-23.
1—TRADING BAY, m, 5, Giant Gizmo–Firey Grill, by Bold Executive. O-Ronald K House, B-Dr R K House (ON), T-Darren C. Glennon, J-Eswan Flores, $28,465.
4—Ya Mar, f, 3, Silent Name (JPN)–Shyama, by Henrythenavigator. O-Gabe Grossberg, B-Gabe Grossberg (ON), $8,025.
3—Gizmo’s B F F, f, 4, Giant Gizmo–Diamonds Are B F F, by Alphabet Soup. O-Buttigieg Training Centre and Goodman, Jimmy W, B-Paul Buttigieg & James Goodman (ON), $4,414.
Winning Time: 1:11 3/5 (ft)
GP, 6TH, AOC, $44,000, 3YO/UP, F/M, A1MT, 4-23.
5—GATHER AS YOU GO, f, 4, Curlin–Theatre Star, by War Front. O-Glen Hill Farm, B-Glen Hill Farm (KY), T-Thomas F. Proctor, J-Samuel Camacho, Jr., $26,400.
6—R Calli Kim, m, 5, Revolutionary–It Takes Two, by More Than Ready. ($9,000 ’18 KEESEP). O-Averill Racing LLC, B-Upson Downs Farm (KY), $8,800.
1—Midnight Bella, m, 5, Midnight Lute–Awesome Bella, by Awesome Again. ($1,000 2021 OBSJAN). O-Daniel Pita, B-DP Racing (KY), $3,960.
Winning Time: 1:35 1/5 (fm)
GP, 4TH, AOC, $43,000, 4YO/UP, F/M, 1M, 4-23.
6—BATTLE CRY, f, 4, Prospective–Fort Carillon, by Runaway Groom. O-Skull Stable, B-Amalio Ruiz Lozano (FL), T-Victor Barboza, Jr., J-Paco Lopez, $25,800.
4—Emirates Affair, f, 4, Handsome Mike–Emirates Girl, by Unbridled’s Song. O-Jack J Armstrong, B-Helen Barbazon & Joseph Barbazon (FL), $9,460.
2—Our Fantasy, m, 5, Amira’s Prince (IRE)–Starship Fantasy, by Yes It’s True. ($50,000 2019 OBSAPR). O-Philip DiCosmo, B-Helen Barbazon & Joseph Barbazon (FL), $4,730.
Winning Time: 1:37 4/5 (ft)
HAW, 7TH, ALW, $42,000, 3YO/UP, F/M, 1M 70Y, 4-23.
1—HOT DAME, f, 4, Bluegrass Cat–Theralena, by Unusual Heat. O-Hooves and Saddles, LLC, B-Go-To-Toga Racing, LLC (NY), T-Javier Hernandez, J-Jorge J. Urdaneta, $25,200.
7—Maystart, f, 4, Upstart–Mayhaw, by Lion Heart. O-Clabar Mor Stables LLC, B-Dede Mcgehee (KY), $8,400.
8—Wildwood Maggie, m, 5, Kantharos–Maggie McSwain, by Fort Prado. ($4,500 ’18 OBSJAN). O-Great Lake Stable, B-Versatile Thoroughbreds LLC (FL), $4,200.
Winning Time: 1:43 4/5 (ft)
Disqualification in this race
GG, 8TH, AOC, $35,062, 3YO, F, 5F, 4-22.
2—SLACK TIDE, f, 3, Shaman Ghost–Impeached, by Northern Afleet. ($25,000 ’20 WASAUG). O-Ten Broeck Farm, Inc, B-Mr & Mrs William T Griffin (KY), T-Blaine D. Wright, J-Evin A. Roman, $18,600.
8—Dulce Emma, f, 3, Dads Caps–Ma Ka Bet, by Artax. ($1,500 ’20 CTNAUG). O-Candelario Barragan, B-Richard Barton Enterprises & Lo Hi Stable (CA), $8,060.
7—Miss Union, f, 3, Unionize–Rachels Belle, by Perfect Mandate. O-Timothy Francis O’Leary, B-Francis O’Leary (CA), $4,836.
Winning Time: :57 1/5 (ft)
CT, 4TH, ALW, $33,900, 3YO/UP, 6 1/2F, 4-22.
3—ODIE, g, 6, Scat Daddy–Wish Granted, by El Corredor. O-Robert L Cole, Jr, B-Wesley Ward (KY), T-Kevin S. Patterson, J-Darius Thorpe, $20,340.
4—Jayjaydee, g, 5, Jump Start–Miss Holicong, by First Samurai. O-Bush Racing Stable, B-Frances M Hartwell (PA), $6,780.
1—Midnight Shift, g, 4, Midnight Lute–Sherika, by Fusaichi Pegasus. ($45,000 ’18 KEENOV). O-Richard Burnsworth, B-Greg Foley & Tim Thornton (KY), $3,390.
Winning Time: 1:19 2/5 (ft)
CT, 7TH, ALW, $33,900, 3YO/UP, F/M, 6 1/2F, 4-22.
8—MOONLIT SHADOW, f, 4, Fiber Sonde–Malibu Kitten, by Parker’s Storm Cat. O-Grams Racing Stable LLC, B-Timothy C Grams & Judith A Grams (WV), T-Timothy C. Grams, J-Fredy Peltroche, $20,259.
4—The Better One, m, 5, Charitable Man–Windsor’s Punch, by Windsor Castle. O-Kristy Petty, B-Kristy Lynn Petty (WV), $6,753.
2—The Sky Is Falling, f, 3, Cupid–Miss Henny Penny, by Half Ours. ($40,000 ’20 KEEJAN). O-David M Raim, B-Catherine K Jennings & Scott Mallory (WV), $3,377.
Winning Time: 1:20 1/5 (ft)
EVD, 8TH, ALW, $28,000, 4YO/UP, 7F, 4-22.
6—JAX MAN, g, 5, Goldencents–Blondie Lox, by Langfuhr. O-Alston Thoroughbreds, LLC, Hernandez, E, Hernandez, K and Duvieilh, J, B-Earl Hernandez & Keith Hernandez (LA), T-Sam B. David, Jr., J-Timothy Thornton, $16,800.
3—Venn, g, 6, My Pal Charlie–I’mavikingprincess, by I’ma Hell Raiser. O-Marcia J LaMarche, B-Marcia Lamarche (LA), $5,600.
2—Father Goose, g, 4, Violence–Who’sgotthegoose, by Street Boss. O-Stelly Stables LLC, B-Stelly Stables, LLC (LA), $3,080.
Winning Time: 1:23 1/5 (ft)
EVD, 6TH, ALW, $24,000, 3YO/UP, 6F, 4-22.
1—SPANKHURST, g, 4, Speightster–Pankhurst, by Artie Schiller. ($5,500 ’19 FTKOCT). O-Gerald Bruno, Jr, B-WinStar Farm, LLC (ON), T-Chasey Deville Pomier, J-Jose Barnes, $14,400.
2—Silver Ratio, g, 5, Liam’s Map–Mystic City, by City Zip. ($320,000 ’18 KEESEP; $65,000 2021 KEEJAN). O-Charles Garvey, B-Woods Edge Farm, LLC (KY), $4,800.
1A—Corn Pop, c, 3, Runhappy–Razia Sultana, by Harlan’s Holiday. ($45,000 ’20 KEEJAN; $4,500 ’20 OBSOCT). O-Bruno, Jr, Gerald, Deville, Carl J and Our Blue Streaks Stable, B-Galteemore Bloodstock, Grouseridge LTD (KY), $2,640.
Winning Time: 1:10 2/5 (ft)