June 6, 2023

Spot Plays Aug. 26

BRISnet Spot Plays

For Friday

Belterra Park   (2nd) Celestial Orb, 9-2
    (6th) Farzin. 9-2
Charles Town   (9th) Alottahope, 4-1
    (11th) Free Like a Girl, 6-1
Del Mar   (5th) Annie Graham, 7-2
    (7th) Silver Lightening, 3-1
Delaware Park   (6th) Luckbealadytonight, 8-1
    (8th) Pay the Kid, 6-1
Ellis Park   (4th) On a Spree, 7-2
    (8th) Britain’s Kitten, 7-2
Golden Gate Fields   (2nd) Made the Team, 6-1
    (6th) Team Concept, 4-1
Gulfstream Park   (6th) Seize the Hay, 7-2
    (8th) April Mist, 5-1
Monmouth Park   (3rd) Foolish Heart, 9-2
    (4th) Mining Chrome, 7-2
Penn National   (1st) Gandi, 9-2
    (6th) Same Moon, 7-2
Prairie Meadows   (4th) Good Scout, 8-1
    (9th) Naughty Lottie, 4-1
Remington Park   (2nd) Smoothee Lee, 4-1
    (8th) Prado’s Priority, 8-1
Saratoga   (6th) Trinity Titoli, 12-1
    (8th) Make Mischief, 9-2
Timonium   (4th) Sweet Talia, 3-1
    (6th) Divine Fashion, 7-2
Woodbine   (2nd) Action Point, 7-2
    (5th) Gendragon, 3-1