July 24, 2024


The Brisnet.com Handicapper’s Library

The Brisnet library is an robust education center for learning how to enhance and grow your skills with our wide range of products, reports, data and expert insights.

Handicapper’s Library: Using Ultimate PPs to your advantage

The Ultimate Past Performances from Brisnet gives you more information than the average bettor at the racetrack has available. That information gives you an advantage, if and only if, you use the information effectively. Using this exclusive information will make quite a bit of difference in your bottom line.

Handicapper’s Library: Racing Classifications

Race classifications are typically listed as race conditions. You can learn what age, sex, distance, importance and purse amount of a particular racing event with classifications.

Handicapper’s Library: Brisnet Race & Class Ratings FAQ

The Race & Class Ratings are based on the premise that a horse’s performance in any given race can be accurately gauged by considering the horses which the individual has beaten, those that have beaten him, and by the margins involved. Final time is NOT a factor used in calculating the ratings.

Handicapper’s Library: Points of call & fractional times chart

The following chart with points of call and fractional times information will help you understand better; race announcer calls for racing events and past performance or program explanations of a horse’s performance or race unfolding.

Handicapper’s Library: Helpful hints for using Insider Picks & Power Plays

“Insider Picks and Power Plays” from Brisnet provides many handicapping factors that the general public doesn’t have access to. Using these factors effectively will give the user an advantage over other bettors.

Handicapper’s Library: Brisnet Speed Ratings FAQ

Brisnet Speed Ratings are based on a variation of the “projection method” which some other popular speed figures are based. Unlike others, Brisnet uses an objective, computer-precise method to make the final time projections rather than using the subjective opinion of one handicapper.

Handicapper’s Library: Brisnet Race Shapes FAQ

The Brisnet Race Shapes measure how fast the leader ran relative to the average leader time for the race’s final time. The faster the leader’s pace, the higher the Brisnet Race Shape (e.g. +7). The slower the leader’s pace, the lower the Brisnet Race Shape (e.g. -7).

Handicapper’s Library: Brisnet Pedigree Ratings FAQ

The Brisnet Pedigree Ratings are most valuable when horses are being asked to attempt something they have never done before (e.g. making their first career start, trying a new distance, switching to turf, running on an off track for the first time, etc.).

Handicapper’s Library: Glossary of indices & ratings used in pedigree reports

Find common abbreviated notations for pedigree reports by Brisnet in this useful digital glossary of indices and ratings.

How to play a Power Box bet profitably

It’s a constant battle that horseplayers must struggle with when building a ticket: trying to strike the right balance between building a ticket that has enough coverage with a chance to catch a lucrative payout, while still constraining the ticket so that it doesn’t grossly exceed the payout of a more conventional outcome.

Training to Win Education Center by TwinSpires

TwinSpires provides a library of quick walk-through and short case-studies to learn how to handicap.

What are common concepts found in racing programs and past performances?

Trainer Angles

Handicapping horse races involves many factors, and among the most popular (and lucrative) is analyzing the records of trainers to identify the areas where they excel.

Regional Class, Circuits, Horses for Courses

Track Bias

In essence, track biases are simple enough. Their name says it all—some tracks can be biased toward horses racing on the lead, or horses rallying from off the pace. Other tracks can favor horses racing on the inside; other times, the inside is deeper, and horses racing on the outside have an advantage.

Casual Players

The process in which you form opinions on horses and racing can easily lead down dozens of paths in handicapping. The great news is Brisnet and TwinSpires are here to help you explore all the options of handicapping and analysis that arises from betting on horse racing. Let us guide you through our products and common betting concepts!

Advanced Bettors

As a veteran bettor, you are looking to find a new edge or way to enhance your existing processes, while maybe dipping your toe into the methodology of another horse player. The products and data from Brisnet, plus the expert team at TwinSpires, can present you with new points of view to adapt, chisel and execute better betting.