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9th Race - Pimlico - Saturday, May 21st, 2016
STAKES. 6 Furlongs Dirt. Purse $100,000. Chick Lang S.. FOR THREE-YEAR-OLDS. By free subscription. $500 to pass the entry box, $500 additional to start, with $100,000 Guaranteed, of which 60% to the winner, 20% to second, 10% to third, 6% to fourth, 3% to fifth and 1% to sixth. Weight: 122 lbs. Non-winners of $60,000 twice, allowed 2 lbs.; $60,000 once, 4 lbs.; $50,000 once , 6 lbs. (Maiden, Claiming and Starter races not considered in estimating allowances). Trophy to the owner of the winner. Nominations closed Tuesday May 10 , 2016 with 34 nominations. (03:21 PM) (8)
1Justin Squared3 CL 116Pedroza Martin A.Baffert Bob
2Cozze Cat3 CL 116Perez Xavier King Yolonda Y.
3Quijote3 GL 116 Amoss Thomas M.
4Discreet Angel3 CL 116Lezcano Jose Gullo Gary P.
5Never Gone South3 CL 116Lynch Feargal Lynch Cathal A.
6Counterforce3 CL 120Geroux Florent Asmussen Steven M.
7Big Louie D3 CL 116Navarro Joshua Servis John C.
8Formal Summation3 CL 116McCarthy Trevor O'Connell Kathleen

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