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7th Race - Laurel Park - Saturday, October 6th, 2012
STAKES. 6 Furlongs Dirt. Purse $100,000. Maryland Million Nursery S.. FOR TWO-YEAR-OLDS. Pre-entry Fee of $250, Entry Fee of $750 and $1,000 to start. Weight: 122 lbs. Maidens, allowed 5 lbs. Closed Thursday September 27, 2012 with 19 Pre-entries.le list. Pre-entry fee refundable to excluded horses. (04:12 PM) (15)
1D C Dancer2 CLA 122Pimentel Julian Trombetta Michael J.
2Athabaskan Hero2 CLA 117Perez Xavier O'Ryan Daniel T.
3Glich2 GLA 122Rose Jeremy Trombetta Michael J.
4Monacacy Warrior2 GLA 122Rosa Eli SamuelNicholson Craig P.
5Spivey2 CL 122Russell Sheldon Miller Darrin
6Q's Jack2 CLA 122Garcia Luis Smith Hamilton A.
7For Scipion2 GLA b122Rispoli Matthew Pointer Norman R.
8Lunar Rock2 GLA 122Rodriguez Erick D.Capuano Dale
9Fly Eagle Fly2 CL 117Trujillo Elvis Servis John C.
10Alpha Mike Foxtrot2 GLA 122Boyce Forest Small Richard W.
11Tru Greek2 GLA 117Castillo Oliver Graham Robin L.
12Seventeenohsix2 C 122Arroyo Angel S.Servis John C.
13Video Storm2 GLA 122Joyce Jonathan Salzman, Sr. John E.
14Nice Going2 GLA 122Ho Wesley Robb John J.
15Keep Momma Happy2 CL 117Marquez, Jr. Carlos H.Feliciano, Jr. Benjamin M.

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