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9th Race - Churchill Downs - Sunday, November 1st, 2015
STAKES. 1 Mile Dirt. Purse $80,000. Rags to Riches S.. FOR TWO-YEAR-OLD FILLIES. Nominations close on Wednesday, October 21, 2015 with no fee. A $500 supplementary nomination may be made at time of entry. $300 to enter. After payment of 1% to all owners of horses finishing sixth through last, 62% of the remaining purse shall be paid to the owner of the winner, 20% to second, 10% to third, 5% to fourth and 3% to fifth. Weight: 122 lbs. Non-winners of a sweepstakes allowed, 2 lbs.; a race other than maiden, claiming or starter, 4 lbs. The field will be limited to fourteen starters. If more than fourteen (14) entries pass the entry box preference will be given to those with the highest earnings. Closed Wednesday, October 21, 2015 with 34 nominations. (04:45 PM) (14)
1Family Tree2 FL 118Bridgmohan Shaun Catalano Wayne M.
2Dream Dance2 FL 118Hernandez, Jr. Brian JosephHoward Neil J.
3Lady Day Blues2 FL 118Lanerie Corey J.McPeek Kenneth G.
4Vieja Luna2 FL 118Leyva Juan C.Amaya Gustavo
5Little Cherie2 FL 120Leparoux Julien R.Maker Michael J.
6Arraign2 F 118Geroux Florent Matz Michael R.
7Royal Story2 FL 118Albarado Robby Walsh Brendan P.
8Banree2 FL 120Jimenez Albin Ward Wesley A.
9Covey Trace2 FL 118Rocco, Jr. Joseph Denzik, Jr. William J.
10Scatmeifucan2 FL 120Mena Miguel Foley Vickie L.
11Inconclusive2 FL 118Valdivia, Jr. Jose Scherer Richard R.
12Sensuous Pat2 FL 118Borel Calvin H.McPeek Kenneth G.
13Stageplay2 FL 118Santana, Jr. Ricardo Asmussen Steven M.
14Put Da Blame On Me2 FL 118Lopez Paco Romans Dale L.

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