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As a member of BRISnet, you now have access to an extensive collection of past performance data files for most of our FREE Handicapping Software products. If you're not a member, click here for Free Signup.

PP Data (Single), A-Odds, MultiCAPS, Common Ground 2.0, Neurax, Early Track Data, Fast Charts, Import Charts, Import Results, and Exotic Results are now available back to the beginning of 1997! All-Ways, and Neurax Pro are available back to mid 1998 for most major tracks. The archives currently contain all data files listed below from July 15, 1999, to present. The prices listed below are per day per track.

For All orders, please contact Bobby Rosenberg at

ALL-Ways (Old)$7.00
Common Ground 1.0$2.50
Common Ground 2.0$2.50
Compreshensive Charts$0.50
Early Track Data$0.50
Exotic Results$0.25
Fast Charts$0.50
Import Charts$0.50
Import Results$0.50
Neurax Pro$7.00
PaceMaker 1.0$5.00
PaceMaker 2.0$7.00
Plus V/Capsheet$7.00
PP Data (Multi)$1.00
PP Data (single)$1.00

Purchases made through the Archive File Server do not apply towards monthly minimums. Archive data is a separate bulk service requiring pre-payment before files can be downloaded. A $10.00 minimum order is required. Accepted forms of payment are MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover Card.
Master Card VISA American Express Discover Card
Launch Archive File Server  |  Access Recent Archive Orders  |  View Instructions ]

Feel free to e-mail any questions, comments, or suggestions to

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