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210 For Somethingroyal 52
On 29-May-97 Page 1 (C) Copyright 1997 Bloodstock Research Information
Services, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

                                                      =Prince Rose (Gb) 28
                                 (1940)               *Cosquilla 33
Somethingroyal, B, F
   Foaled 1952                                        Caruso 27
                                 (1938)               Cinquepace 34

  56 Havildar, Ch, G, By Bryan G.
  57 Barren
  58 Cherryville, Lt B, F, By Correspondent
  59 Sir Gaylord, Dk B, C, By *Turn-To
  60 Court Circle, Ch, F, By Bryan G.
  61 Mostar, Dk B, C, By Double Jay
  62 First Family, Ch, C, By First Landing
  63 Swansea, Ch, F, By *Turn-To
  64 Grand Coulee, Ch, F, By First Landing
  65 Syrian Sea, B, F, By Bold Ruler
  66 Royal Tatan, Ch, C, By *Tatan
  67 Loyal Land, Ro, F, By Tillman
  68 Barren
  69 The Bride, Dk B/, F, By Bold Ruler
  70 Secretariat, Ch, C, By Bold Ruler
  71 Capital Asset, B, C, By First Landing
  72 Somethingfabulous, B, C, By Northern Dancer
  73 Barren
  74 Slipped
  75 Straight Flush, B, C, By Riva Ridge
  76 Queen's Colours, Ch, F, By Reviewer
  77 Rossini, Ch, C, By Restless Wind
  79 Not Covered Previous Year

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