March 21, 2023

Welcome to the NEW!

Changes are here, and we’re proud to launch the newest version of – The Handicappers’ Edge. Get ready for a new world of horse racing betting information, handicapping, plans, products, pedigrees and much, much more.

Read below to see what’s changed, what has stayed the same, and what’s new!

  • Secure and reliable platform:
    • The first time you login with your current username and password, you’ll be asked to:
      • re-enter or create a new password
      • verify or update your email address and which state/province you reside in
    • You can also manage your credit card(s) on file for future purchases.
  • Same great handicapping products with an all new shopping cart checkout process
    • Free products are clearly marked and readily downloadable
    • Daily handicapping products can easily be added to shopping cart for quick checkout.
    • Quick access to a history of your downloaded and purchased files
  • New Monthly and Annual Plans can save serious handicappers a ton of money
    • Subscribe to any number of monthly or annual plans to make it even easier to access your favorite products for one flat fee
    • Existing subscribers to plans: please log in and add a default credit card by December 31, 2016, to ensure uninterrupted access to products.
    • The following plans will be available at launch.
No. Name Cost
1 Comprehensive Chart Files monthly plan $74.95
2 Comprehensive Chart Files annual plan $699.95
3 Nat’l Turf Clocker – Unlimited Monthly $79.95
4 Brisnet Performance Plan $75.00
5 Brisnet Data Plan $125.00
6 ALL-Ways Gulfstream Park Race Meet Plan $488.00
7 ALL-Ways Aqueduct Race Meet Plan $190.00
7 ALL-Ways Fairgrounds Race Meet Plan $454.00
8 ALL-Ways Turfway Park Race Meet Plan $358.00
9 ALL-Ways Golden Gate Race Meet Plan $168.00
10 ALL-Ways Hawthorne Race Meet Plan $160.00
11 ALL-Ways Tampa Bay Downs Race Meet Plan $499.00
12 ALL-Ways Turf Paradise Race Meet Plan $678.00
13 Designer Data File Discount Plan $30.00
14 Tip Sheet – Unlimited Monthly $200.00


  • To continue to take advantage of the TwinSpires “Free With Bet” program, customers will need to purchase/download those “Free With Bet” products via directly. Obtaining free PPs on if you wager on will be discontinued.
  • Silver and Gold Plans are no longer available
    • The redesigned will discontinue the Silver and Gold Membership plans. However, there are new cost-saving alternative plans available now:
    • For ALL-Ways, Neurax Pro, Plus V, or PaceMaker data files, the com Designer Data Plan is available for $30 a month and $7 per track per day (or only $5.60 for VIPs).
    • For unlimited access to Past Performances the com Performance Plan is available for $75 a month.
    • For unlimited downloads of single or multi-format data files, the com Data Plan is available for $125 a month.
  • There will be a Horse Racing News section combining Handicappers Edge and Bloodstock Journal
  • Customers can still access original site features such as Stable Alerts, APR Online, and Archives. Use your existing username and password on the old site.
  • Customers could previously download some products from Brisnet and get them at a discount if they downloaded the same product for multiple tracks on the same day. This was referred to as a “Max. Daily Charge”. This is being discontinued on the old Brisnet site.
  • After logging in successfully on the new site, customers can go to their “My Account” to enter and/or store a credit card for future purchases.
  • TwinSpires VIP Players will be able to continue getting products on Brisnet at 20% off.

Great Customer Support

  • Representatives are available to answer questions daily from 9 a.m.-midnight ET by phone (800)354-9206 or via

80 Comments on Welcome to the NEW!

  1. I’m getting error messages trying to download files. Please remit proper setup or procedure or sned contact # to call. Brisnet customer since 2001.

  2. 1. what is the designer data plan? never heard of it.

    2. i had to renter my credit card info. so you wiped that out. is that the only thing wiped out? i am still a vip member?

    • Hi, Elwood, the Designer Discount Data Plan replaces the former gold plan (with the silver plan being eliminated). Whereas before you had to spend $100 on the gold plan, this plan has an upfront charge of $30 and allows you to download $14 files for $7 (or $5.60 if you’re a VIP).

  3. When i try to enroll in the $30 plan for AllWays software,the price of the plan reads $58 instead of $30. Can you explain this ?

    • This is a bug with the display that will be fixed tonight. However, the price actually charged IS $30, so you’re safe to get going now.

  4. Does the MultiCaps data file discount plan work the same way as the old silver plan? $20 per month minimum now (instead of $30), and $2 per track/date. Does this still use the $20 towards payment of the first 10 files and then $2 per file after that?
    Also, the web page says $22.25 for the plan instead fo $20. What’s up with that?

    • Hi, Harold, It’s a $20 upfront charge, so you will always pay the $20 and then every multicaps file is $2.

      Long term, we hope to roll out a monthly subscription

  5. As for Stable alert the new site states, we can use the old brisnet to use our Stable alert. Will this end as a free service in the near future?

    • Stable Alert will remain a free service, though we are looking at enhancing the premium content such as the sire alerts.

  6. don’t like this new setup at all…have to keep scrolling up and down to see if you have the right date for a data file…also I can’t seem to get any data file to download.Do I have to pay for each individual one (ie. one by one by way of checkout)to get the download rather than as it was…pay once a month for downloaded files?

  7. Am I correct that if I order the PP’s for a track for the following day, I will be charged, period? Even if I place a bet through BrisBet or TwinSpires? Those PP’s used to be free if I bet on that track the following day. Is there anyway to pull those PP’s for free, as in the past? TVG lets you download DRF PP’s a day in advance, if you bet through their site. Is this the new reality of brisnet in a crumbling relationship with Keeneland Select/Twin Spires? I’m a 20 year member of BrisNet. I used to walk across the parking lot to pick up some copies when I worked in the tall building behind you in Corporate Center. This is very disappointing if I can no longer access your PPs in advance for free, provided I bet with Keeneland Select or Twin Spires. Needs to be addressed immediately or you’ll have plenty of people head to DRF.

    Thanks for your attention,
    Mark Waggoner

    • Hi, Mark,
      PPs are still free when you bet with–just be sure to access PPs via

  8. I am an All-Ways gold member since 1996.
    before I could download 14files and it was $100
    now with your DESIGNER DISCOUNT PLAN S30
    That would be a total of $130
    You call that an discount????
    Please explain how you do these magic discounts in Kentucky. Thanks.

    • Hi, John,
      Yes, the price has gone up $30/month, but this is the first price increase for these data files in many years, and the positive trade off is that it’s more flexible since you don’t have to spend $100/month now.

  9. I am trying to register but i get this error.
    The email provided does not meet our requirements for account registration.
    It’s my regular email

  10. hello Ed. I downloaded the Data (single) file for GP Dec10 and got the file without Saddle cloth numbers. under the old system when I was downloaded files it would have a “P” and I knew that this was the saddle cloth file. Presently it appears one can not see the difference. \
    If i re download that file tomorrow will I be charged again.

    Eddie in closing I do not want to be the kind of guy that has a reputation of anything new is not good, but I find that I have to add more steps to download files. I liked the old style much better.

    • Hi, John,
      We are working on deploying the “p” designation (or similar) to denote those files that have added program numbers and morning line. That said, if you download again you will not be charged twice, as we consider it the same file.

  11. I am having a problem locating the Archived results pdf files. I have looked everywhere and can’t find them. Are they still available ? If so, where are they located.

  12. I’m a big fan of the Premium Past Performances. Is the deal still that you can get unlimited cards for each race date for $4.00 total?

  13. Suggestion for your new design:
    Please freeze/lock the heading row for the TRACK and DATE so that when a user scrolls down the page to select pp’s for a track the heading does not move out of view.
    That should make it much easier to determine the exact pp date one wants to purchase. As the page is currently configured one is required to scroll back up and down the page to be sure which pp to select.

  14. Hi Ed,
    I like the look of the new site, but I mourn for the lost convenience of right-clicking to get PPs without going through a checkout process. I understand the business necessity that may have led you to switch PP plans to a la carte pricing, but that also is a disincentive to taking just a casual look at a track I may or may not want to play that day. Overall, the changes will make the excellent Brisnet products I have used since 1991 less a central part of the way I play the horses.

    • Hi, Vince. Thanks for the constructive criticism. We do offer a $75/month plan for PPs that allows unlimited access each month. And PPs are still free via when you wager on the tracks you download. Did you mean something else?

  15. hi Ed
    could you make the bris speed figures by circuit printer friendly it takes up 5 pages now for one track instead of 2

  16. This new site has issues.

    Why does it not save my log in info even when I click on the save button?
    Why does it not save my credit card info and says “error” until I put the same info in again, it works.

    Are all charges now daily? Instead of monthly?

    Don’t like the new site at all.

    • Hi, Jim. Thanks for the feedback. This is a common complaint, and I’m working with our contact center on a troubleshoot.

      • I can’t continue to re-enter my information every time I make a purchase. When this gets fixed and you return to monthly billing instead of every purchase…let me know.

        Until then, no shopping.

        Please let your top folks know… it is not smart to increase prices, take away value from the customer for repeat plans, make your site much more difficult to navigate…launch it…and then try to de-bug the issues.

        Call me crazy.

        • The entry of information is being changed. We charge at time of purchase same as other online retailers. Unfortunately, people took advantage of the former billing system.

  17. Why the change to charging a credit card immediately for every purchase rather than once a month? I find it annoying, and some people have been contacted by their bank, suspecting some kind of fraud.

    Also, will there be a plan for the frequent but not big user, like the old Silver Plan?

  18. When we were charge on a monthly bases, when was much better, if a track cancelled, we were not charged for that data file. I downloaded a file two days ago, for today’s races at Aqueduct, and they have cancelled. Do we get a refund, or are we out of luck.

    • Hi, Mike… if you call customer service they can either A) give you a credit in your TwinSpires account (if you have one), or B) send you replacement files for a track coming up at no charge.

    • Hi, Doris,
      All that information is now available on the site but posted separately. Spot Plays, At a Glance, and Speed by Circuit are still published.


    • Thanks for the comment, Tom. Spot Plays and At a Glance are all tagged as such, so each feature has its own link. You can bookmark them for easy access.

  20. Why can’t I access any free past instant programs or charts over a week old? There is a calendar icon that allows you to select a past date but no results are displayed. Why have the calendar if you are not allowed to view past race entries and charts.

  21. I have been an active Brisnet user since 1998. I find the new web site to be awkward and a disappointing change. It is not user friendly, it takes longer or requires extra bookmarks (which I hate when using my iPhone or iPad while at the track or just wanting a quick look or answer. I do not like taking extra steps looking for things in “search”. I miss the easy access to links on the Handicappers Edge, especially the link to “upcoming stakes” for easy advance planning for my Brisnet PP’s purchases. I also did not like that you discontinued special monthly pricing for the PP’s. As a one time multiple daily user, I now use it less.

  22. Basic arithmitic tells you that the designer plan is significantly more expensive than the now defunct Silver Plan. I understand the need for an increase from a business standpoint but i think advertising it as cheaper is a mistake. More importantly this change has increased the cost of downloading Allways data files which has not seen any updates since the creator of the software passed away. One of the things that I liked were the continual updates and improvements to that software. Is there no one at Brisnet or beyond that can pick up the ball on this issue ? The Product ( allways file ) remains stagnant while its price increases. Just my 2 cents.

    • Hi, Keith,
      The designer plan was designed with the gold plan in mind, but I’m definitely looking at ways to improve the ALLWAYS experience because it’s what I use to handicap.

  23. Wondering how a man of your stature got roped in to running the “whiner board”, Ed. Hang in there….probably only about 6 more months of this to endure ⏳

  24. Ed DeRosa,

    As a longtime subscriber who has spent hundreds of dollars on datafile downloads, I am STUNNED beyond belief that you would even consider substantial price increases without adding any value. The math is pretty simple. For $30, I could purchase 15 Multicaps datafiles. Now, to download the same number of Multicaps datafiles, I will have to pay $20 + $30 = $50. That is a MARKUP of 66%. I understand the concept of inflation but this is ridiculous. Your customer service staff have now been instructed to keep mum on the subject, or worse yet, they have no clue about the impact of the changes you have made. Many years ago, I remember speaking to agents who actually understood what betting races involved. Ed, I need to speak to you. I am sure that you have more than enough on your plate, but I need to speak with someone who is willing and able to speak frankly about your changes. I depend on your datafiles to develop value driven bets. Frankly, I am terrified that your company is headed south and that I will no longer be able to use your products. Thanks!

    • If you buy exactly 15 files (one every other day), then yes, it’s a big increase, but if you handicap one track four days/week then it’s not as big an increase, and if you handicap a couple tracks a few times/week then it’s even less of an increase, and if you love multicaps and use them every day the price is about the same. -EdD

  25. what is status of the BRISnet online stallion directory? has not functioned for several months, was a very useful tool

  26. Old system was so much easier and reliable. I have wasted much paper and toner running off Past Performances which do NOT show the horses’ numbers, and thrown the sheets away.

    • Hi, Hugh, that’s a setting in your browser. We have not changed our PDFs. Please contact our product support with help with that setting

  27. I read that the old “p” designation is gone and something new has replaced it. The new symbols under pp and data files seem to contain a lot of information where can I find the meaning of the “plus” sign, the lines within the icons and so forth?

    • Hi, John, If there are lines on the page then that’s “final” (same as a ‘p’ on the old site). If the page icon is blank then it’s not final

  28. ED,I have to apologize for part of my rant earlier today,ie; Multicaps. for some reason, I was thinking the old Multicaps charge was $2. WRONG.It was $5. So with this newly discovered knowledge on my part, it is now cheaper if you download more than 6x/mo. $20+12(6×2)=32. Before 6×5=30. Now,$20+14(7×2)=34;old,7×5=35. Next,$20+16(8×2)=36;old,8×5=40.Again,$20+18(9×2)=38;old,9×5=45,etc,etc. cheaper!!!! AllWays is still a problem.

    • Hi, Steve,
      The $50 plan allows you to get ALLWAYS files for $7 each ($5.60 if you’re a VIP).

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