February 4, 2023

How To Bet the $100,936 Pick 5 Carryover at Gulfstream Park

As if this weekend’s bevy of wagering opportunities surrounding the $16-million Pegasus World Cup on Saturday, and $10-million Rainbow^6 mandatory payout on Sunday weren’t enough, bettors had to go make things even more interesting on Friday with a $100,936 Pick 5 carryover after no one solved Thursday’s sequence.

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Gulfstream Park offers two Pick 5s each day on the first five and last five races, and the carryover is on the late sequence Friday–i.e. races 7-11. It’s an interesting sequence in that the favorites are pretty identifiable in each race, but not all of them have to win.

Well, that’s not entirely true from my ticket construction standpoint. Using the ABC grid above, I mapped out multiple tickets in which at least two of my four lone “A” horses has to win UNLESS #1 wins race 9 (leg 3). That’s my heaviest lean of the sequence from a single horse standpoint, but my biggest stand is in the last leg (race 11) where I’m pretty much riding or dying with the likely favorite #9 and the firsters #s 7 & 11.

Good luck to all those playing!