July 15, 2024

Handicapper’s Library: Points of call & fractional times chart

Keeneland (Coady Photography)
Keeneland (Coady Photography)

The following points of call and fractional times information will help you understand better; race announcer calls for racing events and past performance or program explanations of a horse’s performance or race unfolding.

DistanceStart (ST)1st Call (1C)2nd Call (2C)Stretch (Str)Finish (FIN)Fractional Times
4 1/2 fstart1/4strfinish1/41/2finish
5 fstart3/163/8strfinish1/41/2finish
5 1/2 fstart1/43/8strfinish1/41/25/8finish
6 fstart1/41/2strfinish1/41/25/8finish
6 1/2 fstart1/41/2strfinish1/41/23/4finish
7 fstart1/41/2strfinish1/41/23/4finish
7 1/2 fstart1/41/2strfinish1/41/23/4finish
1 mile1/41/23/4strfinish1/41/23/4finish
1m 70yds1/41/23/4strfinish1/41/23/4finish
1 1/161/41/23/4strfinish1/41/23/4finish
1 1/81/41/23/4strfinish1/23/4milefinish
1 3/161/41/23/4strfinish1/23/4milefinish
1 1/41/41/2milestrfinish1/23/4milefinish
1 3/81/41/2milestrfinish1/23/4milefinish
1 1/21/41/21 1/4strfinish1/23/41 1/4finish
1 5/81/41/21 3/8strfinish1/2mile1 1/4finish
1 3/41/2mile1 1/2strfinish1/21 1/41 1/2finish
2 miles1/2mile1 3/4strfinish1/21 1/21 3/4finish

Points of Call Chart

This chart is designed to tell the user the distance of a particular call. Our past performances show the horse’s position in the field at that particular call.

Fractional Times Chart

This chart is designed to tell the user, by distance, at what call the leader’s time was taken. See the sample below.