September 21, 2023

Brisnet at 50 Part 3: Acquisition and Expansion

December 15, 2021 0

When a family-run business is acquired by a large corporation, there are bound to be challenges, adjustments, and a learning curve moving forward. Such was the case for, which, after 36 years as a private entity, became the property of Churchill Downs Inc. (CDI) on June 12, 2007. […]

Brisnet at 50 Part 2: Survival and Growth

November 24, 2021 0

Just as it would have been hard for founder Richard F. Broadbent III to avoid getting involved in the Thoroughbred business, having married into one of the industry’s most prominent families, it’s difficult to see how the bug would not have also bitten the next generation of Broadbents, in particular his eldest son, Richard IV, colloquially known as Happy. […]

Brisnet at 50 Part 1: The beginnings

October 24, 2021 0

Broadbent’s solution would become the first of many innovations he revolutionized in the horse industry, and birthed a company still going strong after half a century. […]