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Explanation of Super Stats

Super Stats is a comprehensive report covering the entries, jockeys and trainers in each race at a particular track that day. A choice which you need to make before you download Super Stats is how many Past Performance lines you need. You may select 0, 3, or 10 lines. See below for a explanation of the Past Performance lines.

Under the race distance, conditions and purse, are Pars for BRIS Pace and Speed Figures for this type of race at this distance and at this track. Horses which meet or exceed Pars in this race generally are the most prominent contenders. These dynamic Par figures are based on results of even the most recent races under the same conditions. The example below indicates par figures for 2 furlongs, 4 furlongs, 6 furlongs, BRIS Speed Figure, and Late Pace (from the pre-stretch call to the finish).

The number to the left of the horse's name is the early draw post position. The actual post position may be different after early scratch time. These are not program numbers. Coupled entries are indicated by an "A" (B or C for other coupled entries or F for "field" horses) after the post number.

Horses Running Style: Next to the horse's name appears a letter and a number in parenthesis. This is the horse's running style (letter) and the Speed Points (number). E=Early speed
E/P=Early Presser (has early speed but doesn't have to be on the lead)
P=Presser (lays mid-pack)
S=Sustained runner (a deep closer)

Speed Points are an indicator only of a horse's early speed. The numbers range from 0 through 8 with 8 being the highest. A "P6" is not necessarily a better horse than an "E/P5". It depends on the race distance as well as racing styles of other runners in this race and the track bias information which indicates what types of running styles have been successful. A horse with 8 speed points may be able to steal the race if the others are no higher than 5 or 6. In the example below, Silver Kite is an Early/Presser (E/P) with 6 Speed Points.

Trainer Stats: Super Stats offers up to nine trainer stats (back three years) pertinent to this race as well as his overall stats for the current year. For example: if a horse has been off for ten weeks, one of the stats will show how this trainer does with horses away 31-90 days. If the horse is shipping in from another circuit, you will see how that trainer does with shippers. A plus sign (+) indicates this trainer has a favorable success rate and two plus signs (++) indicates a superior success rate. A single dollar sign ($) indicates a favorable return on investment (ROI) while two dollar signs ($$) indicates a superior ROI.

Sts=number of starts
Win%=percentage of winners from starts
ITM%=percentage of starters that finished in the money

Jockey Stats: Again shows the winning percentage and in-the-money percentages from number of starts for the year. This also shows how the jockey does with horses of this running style. An exciting new stat offered are the Jockey/Trainer Combination stats which indicate the success of this combo. In the example, one will see that this jockey/trainer combination has been extremely successful winning at a 41% clip.

Pedigree Stats: If a horse is unproven at today's distance or surface, it is best to consider what the sire (father of this horse) or the dam (mother of this horse) have produced with other offspring.

The first number after the "S" (which stands for sire) is the Average Winning Distance (AWD) of all winners sired by this stallion. Obviously, the higher the AWD, the more likely this horse will be a long distance runner possessing stamina. A lower AWD like 6.0 or 6.2 indicates speed. The next stat to the right is the percentage of turf winners from turf starters (e.g. 16%trf). A figure of 12% or more indicates success siring turf runners. A figure of 5% or less indicates a lack of turf success. The next figure is the number of starters sired (e.g. 297str). If a sire has less than 100 starters, you should use caution with the sire stats. The sire may have potential but is unproven yet and most of these runners would be from his first two crops of racing age and they have not had the racing opportunities yet to prove themselves. The next stat is the percentage of starters that win first time on the turf (e.g. 19%1stT). Again, a sire with 12% or more is considered a success and the higher the percentage - the better. SPI is the Sire Production Average. With 1.00 being the national average, this number indicates how this sire compares to other stallions based on average earnings of their runners. A stallion with an SPI of 2.00 or higher is a successful stallion and a sire over 4.00 is among the elite. The sire of Silver Kite has an SPI of 2.84 indicating a high degree of success.

Dam Stats: While a stallion typically sires 40 to 100 foals each year, a mare can only produce one foal per year (the gestation period for a horse is about 49-51 weeks and twins are rare). The stats are slightly different in that now you are seeing the number of winners (w) instead of a percentage. The report also shows the number of turf winners (3trfW - if applicable), number of starters (str) and number of stakes winners (sw). The DPI (Dam's Production Index) also is based on 1.00 being the national average so her DPI indicates if she is above or below the national average (based on earnings of her foals). Silver Kite's dam has a superior DPI of 5.73.

Sales Stats: You will be able to identify horses which were sold as weanlings (less than one year old), yearlings (1-year-olds), or two-year-olds and at what sale they were sold. The price is shown along with how this horse ranked compared to the total number of horses by this sire which were sold at public auction that same year. Next is the sales average for all horses by that sire which were sold and the stallion's stud fee the year this horse was conceived (StudF) shown in thousands of dollars. If a horse sold for less than the stud fee, it obviously did not appeal to buyers at the sales. If it sold for more than three times the stud fee or higher than the Sire's Average (SireAvg), this horse obviously had an appeal to buyers at the sales. Silver Kite sold for $650,000 at the Keeneland July Yearling Sales while his sire's stud fee two years earlier (when this horse was conceived) was only $5,000.

Past performance Lines: The PP's start with the most recent race. First shown is the date and track, then distance and the type of race. Next are up to three BRIS pace figures (2 furlongs, 4 furlongs and 6 furlongs), the overall BRIS speed rating (followed by a "t" if it was on the turf), "LP" which is a BRIS late pace rating (from the last call to the finish), medication, jockey and the finish position (FP) or where this horse finished in that race. Up to two workouts are shown on the bottom line.

After the Past Performance section of Super Stats is the Track Bias and Summary report. The Track Bias report indicates stats for the current meet at this distance (or previous meet if the current meet just started) and the last week at this track. Under the headings "Meet Totals" and "Week Totals" is a figure showing the Speed Bias at this track for the meet or the last week. Shown are the number of races at this distance and the percentage of wire-to-wire winners (% Wire). To the right is how far the winner was behind the leader (beaten lengths) on average (WnrAvgBl) at the 1st call and 2nd call. Next is the impact value of winners of each running style. With 1.00 being average, you can see if a particular running style dominated or had an edge at this distance and surface. Also shown is the percentage of races won for each running style. Next is a comparison of Post Position bias. Again, one plus sign indicates a favorable success rate while two plus signs indicate a superior success rate. The percentages will not total 100% because they are based on Post Position groupings.

The Race Summary: First, any horse with more than 30 days since their last race, will be pointed out by the number of days since their last race. Plus signs indicate success rate as described earlier. Then shown are Average Speed Rating and Pace Figures, Best Pace Figures, Average BRIS Class Rating (based on last three races), and recent BRIS Speed Ratings.

Finally, at the bottom, horses are ranked by 1) Speed Last Race, 2) Back Speed (best in a previous race dating back one year), 3) Current Class (based on exclusive BRIS Class Ratings) and 4) Average Competitive Level (based on BRIS Race Ratings where the horse finished in-the-money). Races outside North America will not have BRIS Speed or Class Ratings and "NA" means the horse does not have recent stats on this surface and/or at this distance.

Prime Power: Super Stats includes our most predictive rating. Click here to learn more.

RACE #  8     Dec 11      HOL

PURSE $46;000 ( 4:00) (8 ) 
PARS:     2F  4F  6F   SPD   LP
          87/ 91/ 97    97    95

PP HORSE  Trainer     Sts Win% ITM% ROI    Jockey       Sts Win% ITM% ROI
 1 SILVER KITE (EP 6)                                
    T: DRYSDALE NEIL  181  15%  50%    +J: GARCIA J A     213  18%  44% $  
      +Allowance      252  25%  56%     JKYw/EP types      40  15%  43% $  
      +Btn favorite    33  27%  55%    +JKY/TNR Combo      17  41%  71% $$ 
      +Turf starts    329  22%  50% $ --------    Pedigree Stats    --------
                                      S:8.4f  16%trf 297str  19%1stT 2.84spi
                                      D:       3trfW  13str  9w 1sw  5.73dpi
                                      SoldAt     Price  Rank SireAvg   StudF
                                      KEEJUL'90 $ 650k  1/22 $ 67.4k $  5.0k
  DATE ------ DIST ---- CLASS --- 2F  4F  6F ----- SPEED ----- LP MED JKY    FP
20No96HOL|     1mTfm Alw46000n3x  85  88  93|        92t     | 92|BL  DELAHO  3
26Oc96SA |   6.5fTfm Clm80000     90  99    |         98t    | 95|BL  GARCIA  1
31Ag95DMR|  1 1/8Tfm Alw57000n3x  88  93 101|      85t       | 67|BL  STEVEN  5

 Works:[Dec03 HOL  5f ft 1:01.3 H 10/18]  [Nov13 HOL  5f ft 1:02.4 H 13/17]

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