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Top Winning Stakes Speed Ratings (5/16-5/22) - 3&up Dirt Routes
Horse A/S Dist Trk Date Race Bris Speed
Noble Bird 5H 1 3/16m (ft) PIM 5/20 Pimlico Special H. 117
Second Summer 4G 1 1/8m (ft) SA 5/22 Californian S. 104
Bradester 6H 1m (ft) MTH 5/21 Majestic Light S. 102
Ahh Chocolate 4F 1 1/8m (ft) PIM 5/20 Allaire DuPont Distaff S. 98
Trace Creek 6H 1m (ft) AP 5/21 Hanshin Cup S. 95
Ibaka 5G 1m 70y (my) WRD 5/17 Cherokee Nation Classic Cup S. 92
Bella Paella 4F 1m 70y (sy) WRD 5/16 RPDC Classic Distaff S. 91
Spice Swirl 9M 1m (ft) HPO 5/20 Falls Amiss S. 76
Diamond Joe 7G 1m (ft) HPO 5/21 Who Doctor Who S. 74
Top Winning Stakes Speed Ratings (5/16-5/22) - 3&up Dirt Sprints
Horse A/S Dist Trk Date Race Bris Speed
Always Sunshine 4C 6f (my) PIM 5/21 Maryland Sprint H. 103
Disco Chick 5M 6f (ft) PIM 5/20 Skipat S. 103
Wild Dude 6H 6 1/2f (ft) SA 5/21 Kona Gold S. 99
O B Harbor 4G 6 1/2f (ft) EMD 5/22 Governor's S. 97
Paulassilverlining 4F 6 1/2f (ft) BEL 5/21 Vagrancy H. 96
Estellara 4F 6f (ft) EMD 5/22 Hastings S. 90
Ooey Gooey 5G 6f (ft) PRM 5/21 John Wayne S. 90
It's the Swede 3F 6f (ft) PRM 5/20 Mamie Eisenhower S. 88
Bourbon County 6G 6f (ft) CBY 5/20 10,000 Lakes S. 87
Sky and Sea 5M 6f (ft) CBY 5/21 Lady Slipper S. 83
Jacky's Notion 3F 4 1/2f (my) CT 5/21 Fancy Buckles S. 80
Murmansk 6G 7f (ft) DG 5/22 Greenlee County-Duncan Hopeful Distance Series Fin 74
Top Winning Stakes Speed Ratings (5/16-5/22) - 3&up Turf
Horse A/S Dist Trk Date Race Bris Speed
Lady Shipman 4F 5f (gd) PIM 5/21 The Very One S. 98
Thatcher Street 5G 1m (gd) CD 5/21 Opening Verse S. 97
Ben's Cat 10G 5f (fm) PIM 5/20 Jim McKay Turf Sprint S. 96
So Sweetitiz 4F a6 1/2f (fm) SA 5/21 Mizdirection S. 94
Takeover Target 4C 1 1/16m (gd) PIM 5/21 Longines Dixie S. 94
Mizz Money 4F 1 1/16m (gd) PIM 5/21 Gallorette H. 87
Bullards Alley 4G 1 1/2m (gd) CD 5/21 Louisville H. 79
Top Winning Stakes Speed Ratings (5/16-5/22) - 2 year olds (Dirt)
Horse A/S Dist Trk Date Race Bris Speed
Vocally 2F 4 1/2f (ft) SRP 5/16 C.O. Ken Kendrick Memorial S. 69
Top Winning Stakes Speed Ratings (5/16-5/22) - 3 year olds (Dirt & Turf)
Horse A/S Dist Trk Date Race Bris Speed
Exaggerator 3C 1 3/16m (sy) PIM 5/21 Preakness S. 104
Marengo Road 3C 1m (gd) PIM 5/21 James W. Murphy S. 104
American Freedom 3C 1 1/16m (my) PIM 5/21 LARC Sir Barton S. 100
Conquest Enforcer 3C 7f (ft) WO 5/21 Queenston S. 98
He's So Zazzy 3G 6f (ft) CBY 5/22 Paul Bunyan S. 98
Justin Squared 3C 6f (my) PIM 5/21 Chick Lang S. 96
Lost Raven 3F 6f (ft) PIM 5/20 Adena Springs Miss Preakness S. 94
Go Maggie Go 3F 1 1/8m (ft) PIM 5/20 Black-Eyed Susan S. 93
Gone Away 3F 1 1/16m (fm) PIM 5/20 Hilltop S. 92
Lightstream 3F 7f (fm) BEL 5/21 Soaring Softly S. 90
Cowboy Cool 3G 6f (ft) ARP 5/22 Inaugural S. 89
Tiz Imaginary 3F 7f (ft) WO 5/22 Fury S. 87
River Jewel 3F 6f (ft) CBY 5/22 L'Etoile du Nord S. 86
School Board Prez 3F 1 1/16m (gd) BTP 5/22 Tomboy S. 82
About a Girl 3F 5f (ft) ASD 5/21 Miss Royal Gold S. 79



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