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For Friday

Arlington Park   (3rd) O No Not U Again, 7-2
    (7th) Madamoiselle Bond, 3-1
Belterra Park   (2nd) Camp Zippy, 3-1
    (4th) Dig Blue Water, 4-1
Canterbury Park   (3rd) Crossed Boundary, 4-1
    (4th) Dear Fay, 7-2
Charles Town   (3rd) Stormy Witch, 3-1
    (4th) Orland Flash, 7-2
Del Mar   (5th) Fast Track, 5-1
    (6th) Desert Dynamo, 4-1
Ellis Park   (3rd) Susans Quest, 5-1
    (8th) Cold Spice, 9-2
Emerald Downs   (3rd) Cats Ransom, 7-2
    (6th) Mo's Flashy Date, 3-1
Evangeline Downs   (2nd) Lily Camellia, 4-1
    (8th) Friend of Indy, 5-1
Finger Lakes   (3rd) Hi Ho Silverman, 4-1
    (6th) Patron Saint, 3-1
Gulfstream Park   (3rd) Little Twitch, 7-2
    (10th) Siccar, 3-1
Indiana Grand   (7th) Bonnie Brette, 5-1
    (8th) Two If by Sea, 3-1
Laurel Park   (2nd) Heidi's Holiday, 7-2
    (7th) Angel of the Nile, 3-1
Louisiana Downs   (4th) Hey Meestermeester, 7-2
    (6th) Wolf City, 3-1
Monmouth Park   (2nd) Hopefally, 3-1
    (8th) Prague, 3-1
Penn National   (2nd) Run for Luck, 9-2
    (8th) Repentless Lady, 3-1
Prairie Meadows   (6th) Successful Show, 4-1
    (7th) Weknewuweretrouble, 5-1
Santa Rosa   (5th) Lucky Silverdollar, 9-2
    (7th) Time and Tides, 3-1
Saratoga   (7th) Kabang, 7-2
    (9th) Big Looie, 6-1
Thistledown   (2nd) Fivefeethi Nrisen, 4-1
    (7th) Magna Rex, 7-2
Woodbine   (4th) Don't Worry, 6-1
    (7th) Absolute, 3-1



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