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About the Affiliate Program

Join Racing's Best Revenue Sharing Program -!

Link to and earn commissions today!

Do you have a Website? If you do, you can jump into the world of electronic commerce today by joining the BRISNET.COM AFFILIATE PROGRAM. Modeled after the successful program, affiliates can earn high paying commissions on all of our online handicapping & pedigree products. Our company, Bloodstock Research (BRIS), is the industry leader in the electronic dissemination of handicapping & pedigree data and interactive wagering. Affiliate members will be able to provide handicappers with the finest in handicapping & pedigree products and earn a profitable new source of revenue 365 days a year.

What Is the Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Program is an easy way to team with the leader in online Thoroughbred handicapping products and interactive wagering,, to enhance the profitability of your own website.

The key to getting started is adding a BRIS banner to your site. When one of your visitors clicks on our link and becomes a new customer, you will receive commissions on all of their purchases of handicapping & pedigree data. In addition, every time that customer returns to our site and purchases electronic products, you can continue to earn commissions on every dollar they spend.

We handle all of the customer service, fulfillment, and tracking of sales generated from the banner(s) on your site. All you have to do is link to our website. Just choose a banner to link us and get paid on all sales now and forever.

Why Should I Become a Affiliate?

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. With no investment required, the affiliate program holds a clear advantage over our competitors in quality & diversity of products, flexibility for affiliates and expertise in electronic commerce. Other affiliate programs confine and restrict your revenue opportunities to a limited number of products; Brisnet offers a full line of handicapping and pedigree products. With your customers having access to over 75 products to choose from, your website stands to earn a potential windfall in profits. is a virtual handicapping superstore offering everything from the simplest tipsheet to the most comprehensive past performances available in the industry.

Check out all the reasons to join the Affiliate Program.

  • The most complete line of products and services for racetrack enthusiasts.
  • Join for free and earn great commissions.
  • Get started today--it's easy
  • A no hassle, non-exclusive agreement.
  • Accurate monthly reports detailing your earnings.
Joining the Affiliate Program is a fun and easy way to create value for handicappers and bettors by bringing them the best handicapping & pedigree products and interactive wagering while also allowing you to earn commissions on online any sales of handicapping & pedigree products and services generated through your site.

Who can be an Affiliate?

If you have a Website, you can be an Affiliate! Our diverse selection of products offers a multitude of opportunities for a wide variety of race industry websites.

How Do I Get Started?

  • Just call or email us for a copy of our Operating Agreement at 800-354-9206, ext. 244.
  • Sign up!
  • Choose a banner and link to our site!

It's really that simple. After you sign up, you'll receive an introductory e-mail, so you can start to add banners and link to our site. You'll have access to everything you need to create a great handicapping store on your site, and you'll be able to watch its progress as it grows.

[About The Affiliate Program] [Linking to] [Frequently Asked Questions]
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